I’ve been looking forward to sharing these images for a few days now! This is Becca – she and her husband Kurtis are my husband and I’s good friends (and I shot their wedding & engagement photos last year!) I wanted to get together with her and create something awesome – but we didn’t have a clear vision when we first started brainstorming. Minnesota Creative Portrait Session Minnesota Creative Portrait Session

One red dress and a leather jacket later, the vibe was set! We shot this session in downtown Morris, MN at a few locations that we found very interesting – a rundown greenhouse, and some small town MN Stonehenge-esque concrete blocks. Becca was a dream to work with! She willingly tried any look I asked her to, and I absolutely love these images as a result.

The light changed dramatically from location to location, resulting in some very different color casts and vibes, which I chose to embrace instead of mask while editing.

As always, I love to hear which images are your favorites!

Becca, thank you for being a total trooper and a willing subject. You are fierce!



Really?!! Nina, you are so talented. I’ll bet you both had fun. ( Becca, pony tail and glasses ??? what ? ) Nice job. Love it !