Hi friends! I’m currently working through over 1,000 photographs from a styled shoot this past weekend. I planning on blogging each look separately, but wanted to write a quick post to give you a look at what went on before the actual shoot.

A month or two ago, I met with fellow photographer Stephanie Warzecha over coffee and we dreamed up this ambitious photoshoot. Fast forward another month, and the rubber hit the road – we met to go thrift shopping and let our finds determine our vision. 2 shower curtains, 2 old bridesmaids dresses, millions of potpourri and fake flowers, a blanket and a fur stole later and we were well on our way, dreaming up something big together.

Here’s a look at the process:

The very beginning stages - right after thrift shopping
The very beginning stages – right after thrift shopping
Creating the headpiece and other accessories
Creating the headpiece and other accessories
Behind the scenes on shoot day!
Behind the scenes on shoot day!






After taking a look at what we’d purchased, two different story lines and feels started emerging to Stephanie and I. We had two extremely dramatic, lush looks that could be shot in a similar style, and then two very cheeky, fun looks that partnered well together visually (one party girl and one prim priss!)

We combed through our Facebook friends and decided to work with two of my friends, who I had shot before on personal projects. Nicole and Mieke were the perfect models for our shoot!

I woke up on the morning of the shoot with a nasty cold and feeling pretty out of it – but the adrenaline of working with such a talented team quickly kicked in. Rachel Coler, an incredibel makeup artist that often works with Stephanie was on hand to do hair and makeup – and we 100% could not have produced such awesome work without her! She brought a whole new level of vision to the process and brought our clothing and accessories to life by matching the feel with hair and makeup.

Since Stephanie and I both are photographers, we decided to shoot each look individually (with the other assisting with reflectors, etc.) It has been so fun watching what Stephanie posts, because even though we shot exactly the same looks on the same models, our post processing vision and posing direction was/has been different. You can check out her work here.

Stay tuned to see the end results!!


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