Nicole finally returned after a year abroad, and I had the absolute best time working with her again after being separate for a year! Nicole and I have built a strong working relationship together in our 4 years of knowing each other (check out our other work together here, here and here)– she’s one of my go-to models when inspiration hits, and she trusts me enough to do whatever wacky thing I ask of her!

This particular shoot was completely spur of the moment. I had no plan whatsoever, other than to use my new 35mm 1.4 Sigma Art lens and continue to push myself in that focal length. Nicole and I drove until I found a vista that was inspiring, and from there we worked on this “story.” As soon as we got out of the car, it seemed that the wind picked up and storm clouds rolled in, creating the perfect backdrop for some dramatic photos.

I really, really love what we came up with together. I wanted this shoot to be a little quirky, but dramatic (not a combination that’s obvious, now that I think of it.) I am continuing to push myself towards non-traditional portraiture and I think this was an excellent step. I ignored a lot of my “rules” of editing, composition, and even desired facial expressions for the sake of something new and fresh.

Enjoy! And please do let me know if these speak to you. Encouragement from others goes a long way when I embark on new and sometimes scary endeavors.




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The one of her running with her hands out, though – absolutely amazing.

Some of your best work. Seriously. I love how you dare to think outside the box, Nina. Your work is a constant reminder that photography is a real and beautiful form of art and I think that’s why I’m so drawn to it.