I’m delighted to share Minneapolis senior Emerson’s photos on the blog today! Minnehaha Falls was a perfect first location for our morning together. St. Anthony Main was our second location (Emerson added some extra time to her session so that we could use both spots!) and was beautiful as usual!

When we arrived at Minnehaha Falls that morning, the waterfall was still shaded. Undeterred, we walked some trails and found some other great nature-focused spots until the falls were perfectly lit! Once we saw the sun had moved into the right spot, we hustled back for the showstopper shots. It was actually perfect that we didn’t start right by the waterfall, because it turns out it’s very hard to hear each other with such loud water – but since we’d already done some photos together Emerson was able to get the gist of my posing suggestions as I mimed them from afar.

Once we wrapped at Minnehaha Falls, we hopped into our vehicles and drove the 20 minutes or so to St. Anthony Main. One of my favorite locations in the city, it always provides an array of beautiful buildings to use as backgrounds, and has the classic skyline view of the city that I love so much!

Emerson, thanks for such a fun session (and for showing me around Minnehaha Falls, a new spot for me!)

Here are some highlights from our session together!