At the beginning of June, Angelic Magazine asked me to shoot an editorial and write a piece about my relationship with Jesus for their July issue. I was so excited to be able to combine my passion for the Lord with my passion for imagery. I wracked my brain for who and what to shoot, trying to impress new people and viewers of my work. Of course, this pursuit in and of itself was a classic example of me hustling to make something great instead of being quiet before the Lord and listening to what He might have me do.

In the midst of a 2 wedding weekend, I found myself with a rare patch of time – a golden evening in my hometown of Buffalo, MN. In that moment, I knew I had to call Katie and work with her on this shoot. Not only have I shot Katie many many times before, but she has been with me through the good, the bad and the ugly of honing my style and technical skills. It only made sense to shoot in her backyard, where we have shot countless times before.

I realized as we prepped for the shoot that it was perfect for me to be submitting images to a fashion magazine that were and are authentic to my life and my surroundings. Instead of trying to cram together a forced, studio-esque photoshoot that is not indicative of my style, I was able to shoot a close friend in a familiar location. Can’t get much more real-life than that!

I’m very proud to share these images!

minnesota fashion photoshoot