1. International House of Prayer’s 24/7 prayer room worship. I’ve been making my way through the archives as I go through my day. When inspired worship of Jesus is what you’re listening to, your attitude is a whole lot more centered.

2. VSCO‘s curated online gallery. Gorgeous images, all shot on iPhones.

3. Sara’s colorful Instagram feed. All that color does a soul good!

4. Maxwell House International Cafe lattes. Sounds pretty high class, but it’s actually just coffee powder. I know, I know…but I like my coffee to be 99% sugar and 1% real! Coffee connoisseurs, I will accept your scoffs now.

5. My Tumblr is filled with images and ideas that I find interesting and provoking (none of them are my work, in case you found this #5 inspiration a little cocky…) For me, Tumblr is an excellent place to store inspiration when I need a pick-me-up!

What’s inspiring you lately?