Minnesota Editorial


In my personal fashion and editorial photographs, I have been fascinated with creating stories that I have never experienced using models who portray a certain feeling or character. I am constantly working towards an editorial – esque photo story that would be seen in a magazine. Creating something that is quietly dramatic or tense (though never gruesome or frightening) is exciting. For me, a photograph is almost always made better by some combination of motion and emotion.

My work has been published in Angelic Magazine (see the editorial here and the full issue here.)

I have 5+ years of experience working with individuals to make dynamic images – in fact, this is where my love for photography began! I got my start with a friend’s parents Kodak digital point-and-shoot in middle school. I would drag my friends outside and make them model for me! If they didn’t feel like it, I still usually spent all of my time documenting every hang out session, conversation or activity! I never thought much of this until my little hobby turned into a passion that I could not ignore.

My technical skill mixed with my constant pursuit of knowledge in art (I’ve got a B.A. in Studio Art & Art History and am pursuing my Masters of Fine Art at the University of Minnesota!) make for images that have strong intent behind them and are always aesthetically pleasing.

I am currently located in the Maple Grove, MN area but serve senior and portrait clients all over Minnesota. The average portrait client invests about $500-$700 into their session.

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