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Williamsburg, Brooklyn Photoshoot – Pat + Tess

I’m very happy to share these images of Pat and Tess from our short time together in New York City! I was there visiting my sister-in-law and makeup artist Lauren, and I remembered that Pat and Tess (an all-star YouTuber who’s currently at 1.4 million subscribers!) had just moved to the city a few months ago. After getting in touch, we realized we weren’t going to be too far from each other and met in Brooklyn at high noon for a quick casual shoot! These two seriously made my job easy because they are both confident, fun, and have style for days!

I wanted to make sure that this shoot looked different than most for me, and it wasn’t hard to make that a reality. Shooting in the harshest light possible definitely changed my process as I had to be really conscious of dappled light and natural reflectors. My style is typically pretty lush and golden, because I shoot in more natural settings than urban, and usually at sunset. I was up for the challenge on this shoot, and couldn’t be more pleased with what we got!

Tess and Pat, thanks again for spending a slice of your day with me! Hope you love these as much as I do.

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