Year in Review – The Class of 2015

Welcome to my Year in Review of the Class of 2015!

Wow. What a year! Seniors have always been one of my favorite things to shoot – and I’ve been shooting them since 2010 (5 years…am I getting old?) I love getting to know each individual and working with them to create images that really speak to who they are at such a specific point in life. So many personalities, passions and purposes in each class, and it truly is such an honor to be chosen to document such a milestone in their lives!

This year was no different – bringing me a super unique group of seniors that all brought something different to the table (and all happen to be super gorgeous…oh yeah!)

To the class of 2015: Steph, Andrew, Laura, Shelby, Abby, Tyler, Jackie, and Anna – thank you! I hope you loved these images of yourselves, that they showed you how amazing you really are.