Natalie + A Few Posing Tips – Minnesota Portrait Photographer

Today I thought I’d share some more photos from my shoot with Natalie in February. Winter in Minnesota was absolutely freezing, so I didn’t shoot outdoors much at all – but this day was an exception (and by exception I mean it was probably above zero degrees…) so we took advantage of it! We had some awesome (but freezing) wind to help us create more movement within the portraits, which helps make everything more dynamic.

For this shoot, I decided to keep the poses very basic. The main things I did to make sure Natalie looked her best were…

1. I made sure that she kept her shoulders forward to pop out those collarbones! This isn’t a hunch, it’s simply changing the angle of your shoulders slightly so that the collarbones are more visible.

2. For the most part, I made sure that she was leaning into the camera. This helps the audience feel engaged & interacted with. You can tell with the photos that she is pushing forward in that there is a greater sense of urgency and presence – when Natalie is straight on to the camera or leaning away from it, the viewer feels more distanced or like an onlooker. Photos 5 and 6 in this set are great examples of bridging the gap between subject and viewer!

A lot of these portraits are similar, but I thought I’d post them so that my lovely readers can get a sense of how I move around during a shoot (Start pulled back, move in closer but stay at same angle, try out different heights – eye view or standing over Natalie, and lastly taking a look around to see any more options I may have missed.)